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Gyeongnam Ramsar Environmental Foundation
  • Gyeongnam Ramsar Environmental Foundation was established in 2008 under an Ordinance of Gyeongnam Provincial
  • Government in order to protect the wetlands and to increase public awareness on the importance of environment.

  • The “Ramsar” in the name of the Foundation came from the Ramsar Convention on wetlands. The Convention was
  • adopted in the Iranian city of Ramsar in 1971 to protect waterfowls that migrate beyond the borders and wetlands all around the world.

  • Since the Ramsar COP10 held in Changwon, Gyeongnam, Republic of Korea in 2008, the Foundation has been leading wetland conservation in Gyeongnam Province under the spirit of the Ramsar Convention.

Financial Supporters
  • The Foundation is being funded by the Gyeongnam Provincial Government and three private companies, which are Gyeongnam Bank, Gyeongnam Nonghyup (National Agricultural Cooperative Federation), and STX Shipbuilding Group.

  • The Foundation is a legally registered organization to the Korean Tax Authority for donations. Your donation will make a difference in our precious environment.

Main Activities
  • Research projects on wetlands in Gyeongnam Province
  • Education and Public Awareness programs on wetlands
  • National and International Wetland Network support program

Organization and contacts


Organization and contacts
CEO Geun-Sun Lee
Administration Team Mr. sam-woo nam
Ms. Soo-Jung Choi
Project Management Team Mr. Gyeong-Geun Ha
Environment Education Team Ms. Yeo-Ul Kim
  • Postal Address : 424, Sejin-ri, Yueo-myeon, Changnyeong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
  • Telephone : 82-55-533-9562
  • Fax : 82-55-533-9567

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